Linkage Winch

Linkage Winch

Ferguson Linkage Winch Type WU-E-20 Serial No.1184

I came across this winch some years ago on a farm about 10 miles from my home.
Recently I decided to get it tidied up. On looking over it I found that the oil seal on the input shaft was leaking, this meant a complete strip down. It turned out to be quite a tricky job doing it on one’s own. A lot of time and patience was needed in making the missing parking legs and then giving it a good clean and paint.I am very pleased with the way it has turned out.

The winch is fitted with 35 meter x 9mrn, 6 x 36 wire rope.
Pulling capacity is 7000 Ibs – 3175 kg.
Rope speed 50 ft per minute at 1500 rpm.
Weight 678lbs = 307.58 kg.

In June 1954 this winch cost £88.00 new.

Published in Journal No.96 Winter 2020/21: Kevin Britton

Photographs Kevin Britton Journal No.92
Published in Journal 75 Winter 2013/14