Earth/Soil Scoop

Earth Scoop

The Ferguson Soil Scoop by David Weeks

The B-JE-A20 Soil Scoop, originally listed as the Earth Scoop, was widely in use on farms and local building sites. To tip the contents the implement is raised and the handle pulled.

Last September, I bought a Soil Scoop at the Distington Old Vehicle Auction, for three pounds, or so I thought until I got it home, when it appeared that something was missing. I had never seen one before and the only picture I had was on a Club reproduction Ferguson sales broad sheet showing the original tractors and implements with prices.

In the Newsletter I happened to read that Chris Frith in North Wales had one. I gave him a ring and he was very helpful, sending me a sketch with the dimensions of the bits which were missing. This was followed up at the General Committee meeting with some photographs. Also at the venue was Lawrence Jamieson from Golspie, Scotland, who promised, and duly sent me a photo copy of the B-JE-A20 Soil Scoop Parts List.

With all this help I was able to make the top link hoop and bracket. The scoop itself needed some heating to straighten it out and the trip rod and trip arm were also made. After a good sand blast and priming, filling, undercoating and top coating it was time for a field test.

David Weeks: Journal 24 Winter 1996/97

David Weeks: Journal 24 Winter 1996/97

Published in Journal Jnl No.60 Winter 2008/9
Rear cover Journal No. 52 Spring 2006

Published in Journal No.67 Spring 2011