Ferguson Rear Crane

Ferguson Crane Restoration: Wully Brownlie

This crane was purchased at a farm sale in the late 50’s early 60′ by a man named John Meikle, father of Archie Meikle.

John Meikle was a tractor dealer who had bought tractors and machinery from up and down the length of Britain. The crane was used to lift various pieces of farm machinery onto lorries and trailers ready to be sold onto buyers. Archie said this particular crane had a very hard life, you wouldn’t believe what it could lift. With a smile and a laugh he said “you could lift more if two people stood on the front axle of your tractor”.

The crane was laid past in a shed on their farm for the last 20 years or so. I purchased it from Archie on 10th April 2017 and began the restoration.

Published in Journal No. 87 Wunter 2017/18