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Lost ; TE20 Brecon based fergie – BEU 891

Lost ; TE20 Brecon based fergie – BEU 891

                            Tracing the whereabouts of our old grey Fergie tractor

My sisters, brother and I have very fond childhood memories of our old Ferguson tractor, which had been at our family hill farm in mid Wales from the 1950s.The Ferguson TE 20 grey tractor was bought brand-new by my paternal grandfather from Brecon Motors in 1953 and was the first tractor that the family ever possessed. My grandfather, and then my father after him, used the tractor as the workhorse of the farm for many years. By the 1980s the tractor had become idle on our farm – we would only sit in it, and unfortunately never remembered it in operation. 

Sometime in the late 80s/early 90s (we think), a couple visited the farm and bought the tractor from my parents. If the tractor is still around somewhere we would love to know its whereabouts and whether it is still operational. When selling the tractor, unfortunately my parents did not take any contact details from the buyers. However, we recall that they came in a vehicle and trailer and somehow managed to get the tractor onto their trailer. The tractor was stationary at the time and could not be started so it must have been winched onto their trailer, or else they somehow managed to start the tractor – we don’t remember.   

The family farm is located in the north of the old county of Breconshire in south Powys. As can be seen from the picture, the farm is accessed by a small private lane from the main road. We can supply the exact address on request. The tractor’s registration plate is BEU 891, however the plate may not have been on the tractor when it was sold. We managed to get hold of the registration number from the local authority archives. We don’t have many pictures of the tractor at all unfortunately, one of the few being this one attached where our young-looking father is at the wheel of the tractor, ploughing a field, sometime in the late 50s. It did not have a T-bar attached to the frame and was a diesel engine Ferguson. In the attached photo is the place where the tractor was parked as we remember it – hoping that the buyers recognise the spot and it jogs their memory a little. 

If you recall buying this tractor from us, or are aware of somebody that had/know where it may be, we would really love to make contact with you to know what happened to it after it left us. It would really mean a lot to us. Thank you  ; The Price Family ; contact ;

For Sale ; Ferguson TE20 and topper

For Sale ; Ferguson TE20 and topper – price lowered!

The Ferguson T20 petrol tractor used to run and topped my field. I wish to sell as I do not use it and a shame to see it fall further into poor state. It is in need of a ‘’ project ‘’ refurbishment. The block has a fine crack. The tyres are perished. I also have what I would describe as a 3 bladed topper, again in need of rebuild. Tractor is near Gatwick and would require job lot collected.

Open to offers over £800 for both. Contact ; 07582 197272 or email ;

Implements for Ferguson Tractor

Implements for Ferguson Tractor

After purchasing a Ferguson TEF 20. Along with the tractor came a few implements that I would like to sell preferably as a job lot as I have no need for them. I have attached some pictures. I believe there is; 2x Ridgers; 1x Grubber; 1x Bucket; 1x potato machine; 2x Single Furrows Ploughs; 1x Double Furrow Plough; The 2 ridgers have ferguson plates on them One of the single furrow ploughs has Ransomes on it and the double furrow plough has A Newlands & sons on it.

They all need to go ideally as a job lot. Please provide your best offers. Contact: 07771837202 or email    Implements are in Scotland ; EH54

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