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FDV 294 – Photographs from 1952

FDV 294 – Photographs from 1952

I have recently found some pictures of Ferguson tractor Registration: FDV 294, taken when it was working on a Devon farm in 1952. Good pics, too – hay harvest mostly. It was then based at Bulkamore farm in Rattery, and owned by Roger Morel, my Great Uncle. The DVLA tells me the tractor is still in active use but the DVLA never supply ownership details, so I’m going through the Ferguson register. Someone must know the owner. If you do, tell them I’d be happy to provide copies of pictures, showing what she was up to 70 years ago when still working and only five years old. (Free, obviously, no payment required!!)

I can be reached at

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WANTED: Massey Ferguson MF35X

I’m looking for a MF 35 X to help me with various task around my small holding. Ideally it will be a solid work horse rather than a show pony. I’m planning to use it for what it is intended to do. If you spent 10,000 hours rebuilding a tractor from the ground up that would make your grandad weep of his youth, I’m  probably not your ideal buyer. But hey, maybe you wanted all your hard work to gleem cutting hay in the Peak District. Otherwise, I’m looking for a tractor that is solid, with working hydraulics and lights. I don’t plan to cut hay in the evenings, I just want to see when I’m coming home from the pub.

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