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The Ferguson Club is attending the National Ploughing Championships at Chatsworth on 8th and 9th October – more details in the News section of website……

The aim of the Ferguson Club is to promote the art of ploughing with the T.20 tractor and GP Plough.The Ferguson T.20 European Ploughing Championship is held each year and run under the Ferguson Club Ploughing Rules.

It is intended to take the European Championships around the UK over the coming years and all these events run by the Club must comply with the Ferguson Club T.20 Ploughing Rules.


 The tractor and plough should be as it left the factory up to 1956 (the end of the T20 era)

 Tractors eligible:

  • Tractors should be of original specification.
  • Ferguson Brown, Ford Ferguson, all TE – agri-based tractors built prior to the FE series (TE, TEA, TED, TEF).
  • Perkins P3 and other original conversions should be accepted provided that the hydraulics system has not been altered (ie that the hydraulics will not rise when the clutch is depressed non live drive).
  • Later conversions are not acceptable eg 23c and AD152.
  • Reduction gearboxes are acceptable provided that the hydraulics remain NON live drive.
  • Tractor must not be used in low range.
  • No rear wheel weights allowed.

 Ploughs eligible:

  • Ferguson mounted 10” GP plough produced for the T20 in production before the end of 1956
  • The ploughs will be of original design with NO modifications.
  • Lift arms should be of original specification in size and shape
  • Tailpieces fitted to mould boards 22cm x 11cm can only be adjusted by the mould board bolts.
  • Skimmers and one piece tailpieces to be fitted.
  • Flat top link.
  • Ratchet furrow adjuster (no screw adjuster).
  • No weights or drag chains to be fitted on plough.
  • One levelling box (r/h side)
  • No extra check chains allowed.

Ploughing rules:

  1. All plough bodies to be used when ploughing the finish.
  2. Opening – Ferguson opening, or otherwise as stated by the organiser of the match.
  3. On grassland no split of the back, or otherwise as stated by the organiser of the match.
  4. Start – The start shall consist of 11-12 furrows. Competitors must cast towards the next highest numbered plot.
  5. Finish – The finish shall consist of the last 8 furrows. The last furrow to be cast towards competitor’s own start.
  6. Plough bodies can be raised/lowered, but cannot be raised out of the ploughing position.
  7. Depth – Depth to be reached on completion of start and adhered to until commencing the finish – minimum depth 15cm (6” – 6 ½”).
  8. Judge’s scoring in Ferguson Class:
Opening: Well cut, uniform and straight 20 points
Start 11 or 12 furrows: Uniform level and straight 20 points
Seed Bed: Weed control and soil made available 20 points
Uniformity: Clearly defined uniform furrows, straight and no pairing of furrows 20 points
Firmness: Firm, well packed furrows, no holes 20 points
Ins and Outs: Neat, accurate and regular 20 points
Finish: Uniform, shallow and straight 20 points
General appearance: Workmanship and general appearance of whole plot 20 points
  1. Fixed penalty deductions:
Finish wrong way 20 points
Two tractor wheel marks 20 points
Rolling 20 points
Depth infringement 20 points
Failure to finish opening on time – per minute or part of 2 points
Failure to finish plot by signal 10 points
Abuse to official or fellow competitors 20 points
Failure to adhere to Health and Safety policy Disqualified
  1. General practice at all events:
  • The first run next to the neighbouring competitor will not be judged, but ploughmen must not mark their neighbour’s ploughing with their tractor wheel.
  • Should there be a problem, the competitor must contact the Head Steward for a ruling before ploughing the first run next to their neighbours.
  • Rolling of furrows or scratches not allowed – could lose points.
  • Twin tractor wheels not allowed – could lose points.
  • Three sighting poles only – one can be placed on headland. Assistant to set and remove is allowed. No other assistance allowed, such as signalling, radio contact, mobile phone or any other method.
  • Only one tractor wheel mark allowed on the finish.
  • Handling, shaping or treading of scratches or furrows not allowed.
  • Only the competitor is allowed to clear the plot of straw and stone etc.
  • The use of global positioning technology, laser beams or any other electronic or computerised measuring device not allowed.
  • Any abuse or dispute by a competitor with an official or fellow competitor is not acceptable – penalty of 20 points.


  1. Health and Safety
  • Passengers are not allowed on tractor or ploughs at any time.
  • Ferguson Club Safety Policy will be adhered to at all times.
  • Final Decision – Any questions arising, and not provided for in the Ferguson Club Ploughing Rules, shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee of the Ferguson Club or their representative on the field, whose decision will be final and binding.


It is hoped that whenever ploughing matches are held around the country, if they include a class for the Ferguson T.20 Tractor and Ferguson GP Plough, the Ferguson Club Ploughing Rules will apply so that all equipment will be the same design, age and quality. This will benefit all those taking part in the competition.


Society Of Ploughmen – Qualifying Matches for Ferguson T20 Class – 2023

Matches will be advised as details are provided for 2023

We will update this page as soon as details have been made available.

Updated details will also be shown on the SoP website.


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