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The Ferguson Club
Harry Ferguson ; Tractors ; Agriculture ; Aviation ; Vehicle Engineering ; Marketing

The Ferguson Club is an international, independent member’s Club established in 1986 to promote and disseminate information and interest in the work of the late Harry Ferguson, Ferguson products and in particular the ‘Ferguson System’. The Club covers all Ferguson tractors – the Model A (Ferguson-Brown), Ford-Ferguson 9N and 2N (also 8N), Ferguson TE20, TO20, TO30, F40, FE35 and by agreement with Massey-Ferguson UK Ltd, the MF35 and MF65 and 100 series. The Club also covers all Ferguson agricultural implements.

The Ferguson Club’s aim is to further the appreciation of the engineering feats of Harry Ferguson in aviation, agriculture and motor vehicles, by encouraging members and others to exchange information and share views on the life and achievements of Harry Ferguson.


The Club acts as a forum for information, research and service aspects, both through our Website, our Journal and by direct enquiry. Our quality journal is being produced four times a year from 2022 and is sent free to all members. While we do not trade in spares we do have, for sale to members, specialist Ferguson Supplies, from Club badges and garments to bonnet strips and decals for the TE-20 tractor and back issues of our publications.

2022/23 Update

A website based “Information Exchange Forum” has now been established for the sharing of ideas and technical questions and answers. Everyone is invited to use the capabilities of this new service. Members will get access to additional online information.

We have also opened up an “Articles” library section on the website. Older articles of interest from the members Journal will be placed on here from time to time. We also now have all of the older Ferguson Club Journals online. Please review regularly for updates. Feel free to forward any new items that you would like to be located in this online library.

We are also putting into place a Ferguson Club Members Area. The Members Area is password protected, with the current password published in the club Journals (from mid 2023). The information behind in the Members section will have even more valuable Ferguson Technical and article information.


Fergusob Club Origins

The Club was formed in 1986 after a letter from Mr Ken Goodwin appeared in the Farmers Weekly suggesting that anyone interested in matters Ferguson contact him. From the start the principle aim of the Club was “to promote interest in the late Harry Ferguson, his designs for the mechanisation of world agriculture and in particular the Ferguson System”.

Harry Ferguson was born in the tiny village of Growell, which is about 16 miles south of Belfast, in 1884. His parents, James and Mary Ferguson owned a farm of just over 100 acres. Having felt at first hand the toil and drudgery of farming in those days, Harry decided it was not for him and joined his brother’s garage as an apprentice. He soon showed a gift for all things mechanical and eventually branched out on his own. During the 1st World War, Harry came across the tractors of the time. These were heavy cumbersome beasts, which towed the plough behind them with a chain. He decided there must be a better way and set upon the almost lifelong task of designing a system where the tractor and plough became an integral unit. Harry and his team eventually produced the Ferguson System of 3-point hydraulic linkage, which soon became the standard in the industry and is still used on almost all tractors today.

The Club is actively supported by the Ferguson family. Our President is Mr Jamie Sheldon, the Grandson of Harry Ferguson, and our Vice President’s are Mrs Sally Fleming and Ms Caroline Sheldon, pictured below at a Ferguson Club AGM.

Ferguson familyFerguson family

Visit the Ferguson Family Museum website (opens in new tab)

Members of Harry’s original team including Mr John Chambers and Mr Dick Dowdswell were also associated with the Club.

The Club is continuing to expand with a membership nearing 3500, from 180 in 1986. Members get the quality Club Journal 4 times a year and are able to take part in Club events. The Club puts on excellent friendly displays at many of the top shows in the country and members are obviously welcome to display their machines.

While it is not compulsory for members to own a Ferguson tractor the fact is that most do. So whatever the condition of your tractor, from a paddock ornament to a showpiece please think about joining our club. We have many Ferguson experts in the Club, all happy to give their advice.

Ferguson Club Old Fergie!

After all those years the original aims and ethos of the Club still remain. This very friendly Club is run by members for members and is still able to turn up new information about Harry Ferguson and his work. Long may it continue.