Tractor Registrations


Ferguson Club Members can use the experience of the clubs own DVLA Officer for all Vintage tractor Registration issues


Tractor registration to members per calendar year: 1st tractor – £10.00.
Tractors thereafter in the same year £25.00 each.
Tractor registration to non-members per calendar year: Each tractor £40.00.

You may have a completely plain tractor with no paperwork or evidence of previous registration. Or yours may have old painted numbers somewhere Whatever the nature of your vintage tractor query the clubs DVLA officer is there to assist members.For all applications I need the following:-

  • Letter stating tractor model, serial number, engine number – Your Club membership number
  • Photographs of each side of the tractor. The tractor must be complete.
  • Photographs of the serial number plate on the dashboard this must match the logbook (if you have one) and be original and engine number (rubbings are acceptable where photographs cannot be taken) Photographs/rubbings will not be retuned
  • Either of the certified copies below whichever is relevant
  • A large BLANK envelope with A LARGE STAMP to send all your paperwork to Swansea DVLA
  • None of the above will be returned as all registrations will be posted direct to Swansea DVLA
  • Do NOT address the DVLA envelope as I have a special address to send to.

If you are fortunate to have the original Logbook for your tractor please follow this list:-

  • The original logbook – this will be returned back to you.
  • I am now officially authorised by the DVLA to certify your old documents i.e. Original Log books RF60 and any other early paperwork or photos you may have pertaining to your registration
  • A Stamped addressed envelope so I can return your Logbook etc.
  • Both the V765 and V55/5 forms can now be downloaded

If you do not have the logbook but know the registration you can obtain a certified copy of your tractor’s entry in the local County Council archives. (Not all councils have the records) Contact the Archives Dept. of the County Council in the area the number was first issued. Ask for a certified copy there will be a small charge for this service but is well worth the time and effort to obtain this as you will possibly have some history of your tractor and it will save you £55 on having to have an age -related plate.

The DVLA will not re-issue an original number without documentary evidence.

 To obtain an age related number I need the following:-

 Letter stating tractor model serial number and engine number

  • Photographs of each side of tractor (these will not be returned) vehicle must be complete
  • Photographs or rubbings of serial number and engine number
  • Form V55/5 available from DVLA
  • Fill in your name and address date of birth and sign and date on page 2
  • There is a charge from the DVLA for this service
  • A cheque for £55 made payable to the DVLA
  • A large BLANK envelope with A LARGE STAMP to send all your paperwork to Swansea DVLA
  • None of the above will be returned as all registrations will be posted direct to Swansea DVLA
  • You will also need to provide two proofs of your identity.

Driving Licence or passport and a utility bill is best to confirm your address.

Photo copies of the above are acceptable, the Utility bill Must Not be more than three months old

  • A modern photograph of a restored tractor with an old registration plate on – Will not be accepted THERE must be a paper trail.
  • Some vintage photographs showing the registration are accepted. ”JUST” as are old bills, but these must have the tractors details on!
  • The DVLA issue the registration numbers, The Ferguson Club have no control over what they issue. We will endeavour to get your local area pre-fix , if you tell us what it is BUT the Dvla issue the numbers – You might not like what they give you we have no control !


A few Ferguson tractors have lost their serial numbers, however we can still assist, the DVLA are now issuing new serial number so you can get an age related registration – though this does take longer. You are not necessarily going to be issued with a Q plate.

The Ferguson Club are now able to assist you in proving a case to get a Q plate changed to an age-related number, please contact me.

We are now able to complete NOVA applications for imported tractors – due to time and involvement – unfortunately there is a £30 charge for this service. 

This is when you have a imported tractor and no import licence number for it and the DVLA will not issue a registration number without one.

If you have been issued with an age related number and you happen to find out the original registration number your tractor can have its original number re-instated (it must have its original serial number)

If any of this is unclear, please contact me and include your Membership number, before sending any documents onto me………please contact me if postal address is required

Duncan Russell;
King’s Lynn

DVLA Liaison officer; Duncan Russell;

e-mail;  or  Phone ; 01760 721375

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