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FDV 294 – Photographs from 1952

FDV 294 – Photographs from 1952

I have recently found some pictures of Ferguson tractor Registration: FDV 294, taken when it was working on a Devon farm in 1952. Good pics, too – hay harvest mostly. It was then based at Bulkamore farm in Rattery, and owned by Roger Morel, my Great Uncle. The DVLA tells me the tractor is still in active use but the DVLA never supply ownership details, so I’m going through the Ferguson register. Someone must know the owner. If you do, tell them I’d be happy to provide copies of pictures, showing what she was up to 70 years ago when still working and only five years old. (Free, obviously, no payment required!!)

I can be reached at jasper@jasperfforde.com

History of MF35

History of MF35 VAV 996 Required..

I have owned an MF35 for around 40 years but no longer use it for work. I would now like to restore it and get it registered for road runs. I would love to retain its original reg
VAV 996 but cannot authenticate its original registration. Just hoping someone might remember it!

If you can help, please contact ; David on davidctaylor11@btinternet.com

Lost: Looking for LVW 60 – TE20

Looking for LVW 60 – TE20

My family used to be farmers in Church Hougham near Dover in Kent for many many years. As a child I would visit my Great Uncle ‘Chiz’ who took over what was left of the farm. He always had a little grey fergie and we would pop into the shed to sit on it and if we were lucky, start it and I remember the smell so clearly. I vaguely remember a couple of occasions where we got it into the fields for haying.  My Great Uncle passed away in 1999 bringing the long line of Bromley farmers to a close and none of the family were in a position at that point to purchase from the estate.  As far as I know the Fergie was gifted to one of Chiz’ friends with a small holding in the area. My father passed away in 2020 and Mother in 2021 and Ive been searching for pictures of the Fergie to try and get the reg number to track it down Even more so as in the last couple of years steam rallies and vintage tractors have become much more of a passion. Apologies for the slightly rambling story, but I wonder if I might have some assistance across your membership in locating the Fergie now. From DVLA I can see it is currently taxed and a V5 issued fairly recently, so I know its still alive and kicking somewhere. In my heart of hearts I would dearly love to buy the tractor and bring it back into the family, but a good consolation would be to see it again, knowing it is loved as we loved it.

Reg Mark is LVW 60, attached picture of my late Mother proudly sitting on her from around the late 70s/early 80s; Any assistance is much appreciated. Please email ; Jon Bromley on  jb@firelightdpm.com

Lost: Massey Ferguson 35 UBE 183

Lost ; Massey Ferguson 35 reg UBE 183.

This was my late fathers MF35 ; I am hoping whoever now owns the tractor is part of the Ferguson Club and may know of its whereabouts. As a young child I grew up with that tractor and (a) id just love to see it again but (b) if the owner was ever to consider selling I would like to be aware so I could put in an offer.

Please contact me on:  anthony@katcommunications.co.uk  ;  Anthony Temperton

Help to find an old Fergie

Help to find an old Fergie – MRH 732

Memories of The Little Grey Fergie;  My name is Pete Burdass and I am a photographer based in Perthshire, Scotland. During the past year and a half I have purchased and restored a 1949 Ferguson ted20 along with a Ferguson two furrow plough. During this quiet time I have also been trying to trace my late grandad’s Ferguson ted20 which was the first tractor I drove (sitting on his knee) at an age of about three.

The tractor had been bought and used on the family farm by my grandad after the heavy horses died in a tragic accident, and was used on a regular basis on the family farm in East Yorkshire until the farm was sold in 1987 when I was just seventeen.

Since then, I moved to Scotland and didn’t really think too much about the great little tractor that I grew to love so much as a young boy, until we lost our mum to motor neurones disease and our dad became unwell.

Memories of driving the fergie with my grandad and the fordson super major with my dad (which was the biggest tractor) when I was slightly older, are something that my dad and I speak about regularly on the phone along with how the fergie is going which I restored.

I have searched for the fergie and have wrote to the DVLA who informed me that they can’t divulge any information regarding the current owner but I have checked the status of the tractor and it is still in circulation and has currently got a v5. I have also more recently found out that the tractor is in South Yorkshire but that is as far as I have been able to get so far.

I am hoping by writing this article someone who knows the whereabouts of the tractor may be able to help.

The tractors registration number is MRH 732 and I hope by writing this I will be able to track down this once treasured grey fergie. …………Pete Burdass………………07840984919………….pete@fivekphotography.co.uk

Finding lost tractor – TED20 YSV706

History details on TED20 YSV706

Looking for any help – pointing in the right direction or advice for finding history on a 1950 Ferguson TED 20 that would seem to have been in Berkshire and Wiltshire for its entire life. From my understanding this Ferguson was delivered in 1950 to Home Farm (on the Great Windsor Estate) for grass cutting duties.

Mine was either delivered green or soon after painted to match all the other vehicles, fixtures and fittings to blend in with the background (Prince Phillip instructions?). I noted John Nash’s similar post on this website about his Father’s Ferguson with a Royal connection a short while ago and have been in contact with him – so we both have similar aims. (in the mid 80’s?)  Head salesman  David Carter of T H White (Devizes) sold the Crown Office a Fordson Dexta and took this Fergie in part exchange.

Think it was probably road registered about then YSV 706 and then stored in Whatley’s  Yard at Pewsey (which I think was run by Alan Carter – his Son)) for a very long period time. Later sold and moved on to grass topping duties at Knowle, Pewsey. A handwritten note (with the tractor) mentions Cotswold Engineering for some head work and refitting by Steve Rawlings. Sold again and more recently it lived in the Marlborough area. Now still in Wiltshire just below Swindon. The tractor itself is in (my opinion) remarkable condition and with only a few later modifications and changes and still in remarkable condition – having completed a TEA 20 a few years ago (which I bitterly regretted selling hence this purchase) I have been through it top to bottom in the past few months and very happy with the result. Clearly with the passing of time getting details like this isn’t easy but there can’t be many green Fergie around so any help in finding out as much as possible would be really nice before I start to use it around the village and go to shows. Please mail me or call with literally any information or even a photograph would be superb.

Derek Moore on 07860 199755 or  leyspark48@gmail.com

Searching for MF135 (HTD 976F)

Searching for a MF135 (HTD 976F)

I am trying to trace a Massey Ferguson 135 (HTD 976F) that my Grandfather purchased new in 1968. It was part exchanged in 1978 with a local machinery dealer and I believe it was possibly sold on to another local farmer in or around Preston Lancashire in 1978. Unfortunately, that is the limit of my knowledge at present. I believe it was last taxed for road use in 1989. I am hopeful that it is still in the area but I appreciate that a lot of time has elapsed. I would greatly appreciate if anyone can shed any light on its current whereabouts. Please feel free to contact me on 07840 563315…Thank you…..Matthew

Finding a Fergie TEF 20, TMO249

Have you seen this Ferguson TEF 20 ? 

Chassis no.TEF 501074 – Manufactured 1956 Registration no. TMO249  (Later) Registered 1959

Horticultural History ; In 1956 this Ferguson was the first tractor purchase and used in the creation of the first two of six Polo Ground’s at smiths Lawn ,Windsor Great Park, Royal Berkshire. We lived and grew at the foot of the polo grounds at Smith Lawn in a crown house called Flying Barn. Windsor park covers about 5,000 acres of beautiful majestic pine and broad leaf forestry, arable and live stock farming, Ornamental Gardens, and Course fishing lakes that contain some of the largest pike I have ever fished for.

My father a 3rdgeneration Groundsman Ray Nash worked for the Household Brigade Guards Polo Club from 1955 to 1973. as  head Groundsman. This Ferguson was used to draw a set of nine Ransomes Mk10 gang mowers, Chain Harrow, belt driven Circular Saw, Patterson spiker and rollers, Ferguson tipping Trailer, Muck Spreader, Rear Loader,  Sisis slit Spiker, Vicon wheeled Fertilizer Spreader etc.

Before leaving The Polo Club in 1973 to move to South Wales, my father purchased this Ferguson where it was dry stored  after being replace in the late 1960’s with two refurbished David Brown 850’s which where donated to the polo club by member David Brown himself. I later joined my parents in Wales a year after completing my Apprenticeship at Huxley s Garden Machinery, that used to be based in Staines, Middlesex.

In 2004 my father and mother Dilys decided to donate the Ferguson back to Polo Club after property down sizing from the beautiful rural area of Moelgiliau, llangienor to the town of Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan. At that time , ( Son ) I was not in a position to take on the tractor as I had just moved with my wife from Bridgend to Pembrokeshire. All I know is that my late sister contacted the polo club office which was located at the royal Mews near Windsor Castle and arranged for it to be collected by Paul the Groundsman. Later I found out that there was alleged talk of using it for a childrens playground or left in some crown estate park to deteriorate. Last year I spent a several days visiting retired Crown Estate worker friends in Windsor park,and i also needed to find out what happened to my fathers Ferguson over 16 years ago. I later made enquires to the polo manager at smiths Lawn, but unfortunately he has not seen this tractor and does not know where it has gone . As a retired time served Horticultural/Plant/HGV Mechanic and West Wales NVTEC member and recent new Ferguson Club Member, it would be nice to locate and restore this tractor, as it brings back many good childhood memory’s , and when I worked assisting my father as a teenage Groundsman.

Mr,John Nash ; Contact Via E-Mail at   john.jonnienash@gmail.com