Lost: Looking for LVW 60 – TE20

Looking for LVW 60 – TE20

My family used to be farmers in Church Hougham near Dover in Kent for many many years. As a child I would visit my Great Uncle ‘Chiz’ who took over what was left of the farm. He always had a little grey fergie and we would pop into the shed to sit on it and if we were lucky, start it and I remember the smell so clearly. I vaguely remember a couple of occasions where we got it into the fields for haying.  My Great Uncle passed away in 1999 bringing the long line of Bromley farmers to a close and none of the family were in a position at that point to purchase from the estate.  As far as I know the Fergie was gifted to one of Chiz’ friends with a small holding in the area. My father passed away in 2020 and Mother in 2021 and Ive been searching for pictures of the Fergie to try and get the reg number to track it down Even more so as in the last couple of years steam rallies and vintage tractors have become much more of a passion. Apologies for the slightly rambling story, but I wonder if I might have some assistance across your membership in locating the Fergie now. From DVLA I can see it is currently taxed and a V5 issued fairly recently, so I know its still alive and kicking somewhere. In my heart of hearts I would dearly love to buy the tractor and bring it back into the family, but a good consolation would be to see it again, knowing it is loved as we loved it.

Reg Mark is LVW 60, attached picture of my late Mother proudly sitting on her from around the late 70s/early 80s; Any assistance is much appreciated. Please email ; Jon Bromley on  jb@firelightdpm.com