Finding a Fergie TEF 20, TMO249

Have you seen this Ferguson TEF 20 ? 

Chassis no.TEF 501074 – Manufactured 1956 Registration no. TMO249  (Later) Registered 1959

Horticultural History ; In 1956 this Ferguson was the first tractor purchase and used in the creation of the first two of six Polo Ground’s at smiths Lawn ,Windsor Great Park, Royal Berkshire. We lived and grew at the foot of the polo grounds at Smith Lawn in a crown house called Flying Barn. Windsor park covers about 5,000 acres of beautiful majestic pine and broad leaf forestry, arable and live stock farming, Ornamental Gardens, and Course fishing lakes that contain some of the largest pike I have ever fished for.

My father a 3rdgeneration Groundsman Ray Nash worked for the Household Brigade Guards Polo Club from 1955 to 1973. as  head Groundsman. This Ferguson was used to draw a set of nine Ransomes Mk10 gang mowers, Chain Harrow, belt driven Circular Saw, Patterson spiker and rollers, Ferguson tipping Trailer, Muck Spreader, Rear Loader,  Sisis slit Spiker, Vicon wheeled Fertilizer Spreader etc.

Before leaving The Polo Club in 1973 to move to South Wales, my father purchased this Ferguson where it was dry stored  after being replace in the late 1960’s with two refurbished David Brown 850’s which where donated to the polo club by member David Brown himself. I later joined my parents in Wales a year after completing my Apprenticeship at Huxley s Garden Machinery, that used to be based in Staines, Middlesex.

In 2004 my father and mother Dilys decided to donate the Ferguson back to Polo Club after property down sizing from the beautiful rural area of Moelgiliau, llangienor to the town of Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan. At that time , ( Son ) I was not in a position to take on the tractor as I had just moved with my wife from Bridgend to Pembrokeshire. All I know is that my late sister contacted the polo club office which was located at the royal Mews near Windsor Castle and arranged for it to be collected by Paul the Groundsman. Later I found out that there was alleged talk of using it for a childrens playground or left in some crown estate park to deteriorate. Last year I spent a several days visiting retired Crown Estate worker friends in Windsor park,and i also needed to find out what happened to my fathers Ferguson over 16 years ago. I later made enquires to the polo manager at smiths Lawn, but unfortunately he has not seen this tractor and does not know where it has gone . As a retired time served Horticultural/Plant/HGV Mechanic and West Wales NVTEC member and recent new Ferguson Club Member, it would be nice to locate and restore this tractor, as it brings back many good childhood memory’s , and when I worked assisting my father as a teenage Groundsman.

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