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Finding lost tractor

History details on TED20 YSV706

Looking for any help – pointing in the right direction or advice for finding history on a 1950 Ferguson TED 20 that would seem to have been in Berkshire and Wiltshire for its entire life. From my understanding this Ferguson was delivered in 1950 to Home Farm (on the Great Windsor Estate) for grass cutting duties.

Mine was either delivered green or soon after painted to match all the other vehicles, fixtures and fittings to blend in with the background (Prince Phillip instructions?). I noted John Nash’s similar post on this website about his Father’s Ferguson with a Royal connection a short while ago and have been in contact with him – so we both have similar aims. (in the mid 80’s?)  Head salesman  David Carter of T H White (Devizes) sold the Crown Office a Fordson Dexta and took this Fergie in part exchange.

Think it was probably road registered about then YSV 706 and then stored in Whatley’s  Yard at Pewsey (which I think was run by Alan Carter – his Son)) for a very long period time. Later sold and moved on to grass topping duties at Knowle, Pewsey. A handwritten note (with the tractor) mentions Cotswold Engineering for some head work and refitting by Steve Rawlings. Sold again and more recently it lived in the Marlborough area. Now still in Wiltshire just below Swindon. The tractor itself is in (my opinion) remarkable condition and with only a few later modifications and changes and still in remarkable condition – having completed a TEA 20 a few years ago (which I bitterly regretted selling hence this purchase) I have been through it top to bottom in the past few months and very happy with the result. Clearly with the passing of time getting details like this isn’t easy but there can’t be many green Fergie around so any help in finding out as much as possible would be really nice before I start to use it around the village and go to shows. Please mail me or call with literally any information or even a photograph would be superb.

Derek Moore on 07860 199755 or

Ploughing Opportunity

Ploughing Opportunity at Stanborough – Hertfordshire

A Suffolk member of the Club who is a retired Police Officer from Hertfordshire reports that the County Police Headquarters at Stanborough is about to be re-developed. Part of the planning is to convert some of the old sports field into a wildflower meadow and habitat. The surface at the moment is just mown grass which will need ploughing and preparing for seeding – this seems an ideal opportunity for some local Fergy owners to give their machines some exercise.

If you are nearby and would like to help with the project please contact Peter Gibbs on for more details“.

Journal Deadline

Contributions to Ferguson Club Journal No.98

The printing and mailing dates for Journal No.98 have been brought forward to help with the introduction of the new four issues which starts next year. If your able to submit your contribution before the printed date of the 31st May it would be much appreciated. Kind regards, Tim Hanson – Editor

Tasmania Steamfest

News from the Southern Hemisphere March 2021

STEAMFEST 2021 – Australia

The 2020 was a great success and it was a happy festival with loads of smiles. 2021 will be even better! On the March long weekend every year, SteamFest brings history to life over three days with one of the biggest collections of working steam machinery in Australia, Steam train rides, exhibitions of pioneering skills showing how things were done in yesteryear, ploughing displays and a full wood chopping competition on Monday. Plenty of kid’s entertainment plus lots and lots of art, craft and food stalls. And, of course, their Krauss steam loco running every half hour, all day long!
Held in the Town of Murals and Home of SteamFest – SHEFFIELD TASMANIA

Here is a link from a local Australian Newspaper…….click to enjoy…

Ferguson tractor lovers celebrate 75 years of the machine that ‘changed the world’ – ABC News

Visit You Tube to watch SteamFest recordings.

Photos taken by friends of Judy and John Jeffries who have emigrated to Australia and came across preparations for SteamFest 2021 whilst travelling around Tasmania.

The organiser of the tractor section is Gerard Gelston, who was expecting 32 tractors for the section he is co-ordinating. They are trying to make a special effort for the 75th Anniversary of the ‘Fergie’. Gerard attended the Great Dorset Steam Fair in 2019 and thought it was great.

Hopefully the UK will be back to some shows resembling these photos later this year 😉

John Groves

John Groves

It is with great sadness we have to announce the death of a longstanding member of the Club, John Groves. He was our Archivist, South Yorkshire area rep and member of the technical team.