TVO Licence

How to apply for a TVO Licence

HM Revenue and Customs are tightening up the rules and regulations relating to ‘The use of Marked Kerosene in Historic Tractors’. In order to remain on ‘the right side of the law’ you personally must have a licence to mix or have mixed rebated kerosene with other road fuels, in other words TVO, Tractor Vaporising Oil, which, in the case of the Fergie tractor is 85% rebated kerosene, i.e. heating oil, and 15% petrol.

As you would expect of your Committee, we have been pro-active on your behalf and have such a licence for members of the Ferguson Club. This licence has to be made out in YOUR name, must show your Membership Number and which model tractor you require the fuel for, so please include model and year of your tractor.

Complete the form below, or email me at and include the required details above and your licence will be forwarded to you. Please note that if your membership lapses then so does the validity of your licence.

Your licence will enable you to mix TVO yourself or purchase premixed TVO from the likes of Rye Oil.

John Selley, Ferguson Club

TVO Licence Application Form