Help to find an old Fergie

Help to find an old Fergie – MRH 732

Memories of The Little Grey Fergie;  My name is Pete Burdass and I am a photographer based in Perthshire, Scotland. During the past year and a half I have purchased and restored a 1949 Ferguson ted20 along with a Ferguson two furrow plough. During this quiet time I have also been trying to trace my late grandad’s Ferguson ted20 which was the first tractor I drove (sitting on his knee) at an age of about three.

The tractor had been bought and used on the family farm by my grandad after the heavy horses died in a tragic accident, and was used on a regular basis on the family farm in East Yorkshire until the farm was sold in 1987 when I was just seventeen.

Since then, I moved to Scotland and didn’t really think too much about the great little tractor that I grew to love so much as a young boy, until we lost our mum to motor neurones disease and our dad became unwell.

Memories of driving the fergie with my grandad and the fordson super major with my dad (which was the biggest tractor) when I was slightly older, are something that my dad and I speak about regularly on the phone along with how the fergie is going which I restored.

I have searched for the fergie and have wrote to the DVLA who informed me that they can’t divulge any information regarding the current owner but I have checked the status of the tractor and it is still in circulation and has currently got a v5. I have also more recently found out that the tractor is in South Yorkshire but that is as far as I have been able to get so far.

I am hoping by writing this article someone who knows the whereabouts of the tractor may be able to help.

The tractors registration number is MRH 732 and I hope by writing this I will be able to track down this once treasured grey fergie. …………Pete Burdass………………07840984919…………