Tractor Bumble 2014

Tractor Bumble 2014

I am organising a sponsored tractor expedition, to commence on 9th August. Naming it, “Tractor Bumble 2014″, I plan to drive from John O’Groats to Lands End) via Essex, then to head for Dover, where I’ll head up through Scandinavia to Nordkapp..and witness the Aurora Borealis. Then to return via Finland and back to John O’Groats, via Lands End…!

I have personally funded the purchase of the tractor, a vintage 1972 Massey Ferguson 135, aka ‘Annie’ (without a cab!) and a 28ft caravan, ‘Michelle’!! I imagine the trip will take three/four months…my apologies to all those stuck behind me!!

Back in the heady days of the 1980’s, I was in Young Farmers in Colchester, Essex…and it was during those years, two of my YFC friends in Colchester began dating, leading to them getting married..and having two children, Emma and Tom. Sadly, after a year’s battle, Tom died from cancer last year, aged just 19yrs. Therefore, my charities are fighting teenage cancer, through the Tom Bowdidge Foundation…and also UNICEF.

I have a son, Alistair, who is blessed with good health, I can’t imagine what my friends have and are still going through.

My faithful Labrador, Amber, will be keeping me company, and will naturally draw additional interest. On more temperate and dry days, she’ll occupy a cage fixed behind me, the tractor driver, furthering the attraction and attention! The driver of the tractor won’t get the luxury of avoiding the varieties of weather, come rain, snow or shine!

I hope there will be great interest in this hair brained idea!! I have arranged livery for all the vehicles, and I’ll be delighted for all support!! The caravan will also act as my ‘mobile billboard’, promoting all those who are supporting me during this venture. I intend visiting as many promotional opportunities as I can, including shows en route, Young Farmers’ Clubs, caravan parks, popular tourist areas and tv and local/national name but a few. I have already featured on Daily Mail online (22nd July) and the interest will surely grow. I hope to raise £100,000…

And anyone wanting to join I me to do a spot of driving, will be made very welcome! There’s the tractor AND Land Rover that needs piloting!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this…


With kind regards,
Peter (Matheson)
0750 811 5901
Facebook page: Tractor Bumble 2014