The Ferguson Club 30th Anniversary Working Weekend

The Ferguson Club 30th Anniversary Working Weekend…

was held at Crow Tree Farm, Spalding Marsh, on 17th-18th September 2016 by kind permission of Lincolnshire Field Products. We had static displays; set ‘potatoes’ and picked them; spread vegetable waste; set up the Cultivation Square for people to try; drilled and dragged; and ploughed, using all things Ferguson or Massey Ferguson. Not everything was vintage! Chandlers very kindly supplied some modern equipment and we were allowed to use the tractor and plough alongside its predecessors. This really put a smile on visitors faces.

On Sunday two ploughing matches were held. The European T20 & GP Ferguson Ploughs Match, and a Massey/Ferguson Class. We had 12 entries for the T20 class and 9 entries for the MF/Ferguson class. Plus, many people just honed their skills on the designated ploughing areas.

Charlie Roberts of Leicestershire won the European T20 Class and John Sharpe the MF/Ferguson Class.

We had around 100 visitors on Saturday and many, many more on Sunday. There were around 70 tractors on site and many implements, with participants coming from Yorkshire, Lancashire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Gloucestershire, Cambridgeshire and all corners of Lincolnshire. Thank you to you all, without you we would not have had such a successful working weekend.

 The donation tubs resulted in £250 being collected and sent to Spalding and Holbeach Macmillan Cancer Support.

The winner of the European T20 class was on plot 11 and by some fluke I (Judy Jeffries) actually took a photo!
Also, there is a photo below with John Sharpe in too. JJ is dragging in the square and Mickey Smith driving the tractor spinning the potatoes out with Paul Beecham picking. (Lots of us had a go at this!! and setting too.)…..

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