New Book: Tractors in my Life – Mike Thorne

New Book ; Tractors in my Life – Mike Thorne

A review of Mike Thorne’s new book ‘The Tractors in my Life’  Jonathan Parkes

John Selley contacted me and asked me if I knew anyone who would be willing to write a review on Mike Thorne’s new book The Tractors in my Life. As I had read Mike’s three previous books that he has had published, I thought that I would have a go.

The Tractors in my Life is a hardback book of 150 pages. Mike starts the book with some twenty pages of autobio­graphical material. Covering his family life and school days, through to his early farming career and then on to his fabrication work and how he set up his Coldridge Collection and finally his book writing. This section of Mike’s book is fascinating, showing his determination and good humour through­out. It is always good to know the background to an author and Mike puts his story across very we]].

Fo]]owing on from this, Mike writes about all the tractors that he had acquired, having made extensive records right from the beginning on each one that was purchased. Originally, not all of his tractors

were Ferguson and Massey Ferguson, there are many makes and models from John Deere’s to Mercury Tug Tractors and a Lister Gold Star to name just a few. All of them have detailed descriptions, from whom and where he purchased them from, renovating and restoring them to selling them to make way for the Coldridge Collection to be Ferguson and Massey Ferguson orientated.

All the tractors listed in Mike’s book would be worthy prize winners at any tractor show due to the detail and meticulous restoration that they been subjected to under Mike’s ownership.

The final part of Mike’s book reflects on the unique buildings that homes his ex­tensive collection of tractors and artefacts.

Similar to Mike’s previous three books, his latest publication is an excellent one. Although very detailed and informative, Mike’s writing style makes it a very easy read, as his light hearted humour and having a tale to tell about each tractor and event in his life makes this book an excellent read.

Jonathan Parkes, published in Journal 104, Spring 2023

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