MF35 Paint Colours ?

Being the Archivist I like to have facts that are correct if I am to pass information on to other members.

I have been doing a MF35 with 23C engine with the serial No.SDM145075, according to my records it is a MK2 version.

When I came to paint this tractor I consulted AGCO colour chart that was issued to dealers earlier this year, and a colour brochure that the archives hold.

I quote from AGCO colour chart

Mudguards –
Super Red
Grille surround ­- Super Red
Bonnet – Super Red
Chassis – Flint Grey Metallic
Grille – Super Red
Wheel Rim –  Light Grey
Seat – Silver Mist

On the colour brochure all the tinwork is painted Red with a metallic grey grille and all the chassis and wheels are painted metallic grey.

When I striped this tractor down for painting the whole tractor had been painted more than once, but remains of grey metallic were still visible on the wheels and more importantly under the battery tray was definitely grey metallic.

The question is, who is right about the colour scheme – AGCO colour chart, or colour brochure stating the following:-


The distinctive two-tone colour scheme places the Massey-Ferguson 35 in a class on its own. Wheels and chassis are in metallic Flint Grey whilst the sheet metal work is bright Rich Red.

As a footnote I have a colour brochure with a 3 cylinder 35 that appears to be painted metallic grey.

To add to this controversy AGCO state in their colour chart that there is a Mk3 version of the FE35 painted Stoneleigh Grey with Super Red tin work.

The FE35 Mk1 was launched with the Engine Gold & Light Grey colour scheme until serial No.74655. Then designated the MF35 Mk2 with the Super Red & Flint Grey Metallic colours.

My research to date comes to the conclusion that Flint Grey Metallic was used up to the end of production at serial No.166595 in November 1959, with the introduction of the 3 cylinder model, also the first 65s were painted Flint Grey metallic. At what serial number did the Mk3 version painted Super Red & Stoneleigh Grey come in, and what other changers were there? All publicity photos of the 4 cylinder tractor appear to be painted metallic, even the ones rolling of the production line at Banner Lane.

Any information with serial numbers of changes made to these models would be more than welcome, direct to me or the editor for inclusion in the next Journal.

Published in Journal No.60 Winter 2008/09 : John Groves