Harry Ferguson Firsts

Harry Ferguson Firsts 1909-1953

Ferguson Firsts – 1909 to 1953

First Briton to build and fly his own aircraft in Ireland (31st Dec 1909).
First aviator to carry a woman passenger in Ireland.
First to build and market successful wheelless mounted plough.
Inventor of applied weight transfer.
Inventor of the concept known as ‘draught control’.
Inventor of automatic hydraulic depth control.
Inventor of sensing by changes in transmission torque.
Inventor of automatic electrically operated depth control.
Inventor of automatic mechanically operated depth control.
Inventor of lower link sensing.
Inventor of top link sensing..
Inventor of suction-side control; effectively an output on demand system.
Inventor of converging three point linkage.
Inventor of tapered type internal linkage anti-sway blocks.
Inventor of PTO placed centrally within the three point linkage (July 1933).
Inventor of the rapid front wheel track adjustment (John Chambers).
Inventor of the modern spring loaded tiller.
Inventor of the modern weight transfer farm tra!ler (1940).
Inventor of the pick-up hitch.
Inventor of the linkage mounted transport box.
Inventor of the spring loaded lynch pin {John Chambers 1943}.
Inventor of the detachab!e ball joint.
Inventor of the hydraulically operated tractor ]ack.

Ferguson products pioneered the safety starter, ground speed PTO, incremental dish wheel track adjustment, hydraulic front end loaders and many other significant developments in farming, forestry and industry.

Published in Journal Volume 5 No.3 1992