Refurbished TEA/TED Oil Pumps

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Refurbished TEA/TED Oil Pumps

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Ferguson Refurbished TEA20 / TED20 Oil Pump (Petrol / TVO)

A common issue with the Ferguson TE20 (TEA / TED) is low oil pressure. The most common cause of this low oil pressure is excessive wear in the oil pump. New units have not been available for a long time. Our refurbished unit (including a new rotor and spindle) can give you peace of mind the oil pump is performing as it should be. Supplied assembled ready for you to bolt on. We also have oil pump gaskets and relief valve bearings available separately for the most complete job. Our refurbished units are tried and tested on our own tractors as well as enthusiasts around the world.

Before and after photos are included below of one of the more worn units we have completed. Please note the after pictures do show assembly lubrication on the unit for its protection whilst stored and for first start up.

Detailed instructions can be provided for fitting and how to set the oil pressure on your tractor correctly.

We prefer to work on an exchange basis, but this is not a requirement. If you do have an old unit to exchange, upon receipt of your old unit, we will refund £10. This helps us to continue offering the refurbished units at the lowest possible prices.

Note; we are offering discount to Ferguson club members as we do not have to face eBay fees - £85.00 (including postage). - £10 refunded if exchanging old unit.

Please get in touch via Text / WhatsApp: 07527775222 or Email:

Next two units available from 19th June.

The refurbishment follows the below process:
  • Disassembled and inspected for any excessive / unrepairable damage
  • Gently soaked and cleaned to remove oil and other deposits
  • Inspected again for any less obvious wear or damage
  • Faces of the pump are skimmed to remove wear from the rotor and general ageing
  • High pressure face skimmed to remove imperfections
  • New Rotor and Spindle (pumping mechanism) fitted using assembly lubrication
  • Contact faces are also treated to a smear of assembly lubrication
  • New spring washers used on the pickup housing to pump bolts
  • Pick up pipe retaining washer straightened if required to ensure good fitment to pump

The main four failure points on the oil pump are;
  • Excessive wear on contact faces between pick up, rotor and spindle causing low oil pressure when warm. This due to oil escaping from between the oil pick up housing face and rotor when warm and lower viscosity.
  • Excessive wear within Rotor and Spindle due to general use and age causing oil to leak between the lobes. Again most common when warm due to low viscosity, but can also be problematic at lower temperatures with excessive wear.
  • Lack of gasket high pressure side of oil pump... these gaskets are not readily available to buy. They are sometimes included in full gasket kits. There is a misconception in the community the gasket is not required. In some cases this may be true, where there is little wear on both the pump and engine. However inserting a gasket you can have absolute peace of mind.
  • When hobbyists assemble their own pump, they do not always use assembly lubrication. On first start up, the pump will not be primed with oil and the contact faces, rotor and spindle will be rotating against each other with no lubrication causing excessive wear before oil reaches these areas. This wear could potentially take you back to square one with low oil pressure.

Also available...
Note we do hold stock of the below, but please get in touch to confirm gasket availability. If we do not have stock, we can point you in the right direction. We are happy to update the eBay listing or for you to use the offer feature to include any extras.

Oil Pump Gasket - £3.50
As previously mentioned, this gasket is often overlooked. It is fitted between the high pressure side of the oil pump and the engine. Many believe it is not required, in our experience it is hit and miss if this gasket has been fitted. We very highly recommend the gasket is fitted. Any slight imperfection which may cause an issue will be remedied with a gasket. It is absolute peace of mind that the job is as complete as can be. Giving you the best chance of success.

Oil Pressure Relief Valve Bearing - £2.50 (£3.00 with valve washer)
Most people overlook this bearing which performs an essential role in managing oil pressure within the engine. As the bearing is within the oil filter housing, you would be mistaken to think it would not wear or corrode. Sadly this can be the case more often than not in our experience (see pictures). With the corrosion / pitting on the bearing, warmer oil can leak past the relief valve, resulting in lower oil pressure. The replacement bearing will ensure this does not occur.
The valve washer seals between the valve seat and adjusting collar. Most people re-use the washer with success and they are simple to change if there is an issue. But we offer the washer at a low cost for completeness.

For clarity, adjusting the oil pressure relief valve to increase low oil pressure is a myth. The relief valve does what it says on the tin, when pressure is high it relieves it. If the oil pump is not producing enough pressure, the valve will simply remain closed regardless. Adjusting the relief valve when warm is dangerous when next starting the tractor from cold and can cause excessive oil pressure which is unable to pass the relief valve now it has been tightened.

Sump Gasket (incl Inspection Plate Gasket) - £7.50
If previously fitted correctly, existing gaskets can be re-used. We can provide them if required and we have stock (we can point you in the right direction if we dont).

Sump Plug Washer - £1.00
Fibre sump plug washer, sits snug on the threads to ensure a good seal.


Q: Why do you not paint the oil pump?
A: Most paints do not agree with being bathed in oil, certainly for long periods of time. This can result in the paint flaking or peeling off and clogging the pump, filter and other parts of the engine. Once fitted the pump cannot be seen anyway!

Q: Why do you not sand / vapour blast the pump?
A: The pump is gently soaked and cleaned using a specialist de-greaser. Blasting can result in an uneven finish which can add to oil pressure woes. The blast is abrasive and can leave blast media behind which would damage the oil pump and potentially the engine if not all is removed prior to starting the engine.

Q: Is the Gasket necessary?
A: Many hobbyists take the risk and not use a gasket on the high pressure side of the pump to the engine. We believe this is the most important place to ensure no pressure is lost with higher pressure and warm oil, it is a likely candidate for oil to escape. Given the age of these tractors, any slight imperfection on either face, could cause a leak with pressure and lower viscosity when warm. The gasket goes a long way to mitigate this.

Q: Will this solve my low oil pressure?
A: The oil pump one of the most likely cause of your low oil pressure.
Other causes could include wear in the main and big end bearings, however when doing this job it would be prudent to replace the oil pump regardless whilst the sump is removed. Another cause can be the camshaft which runs in holes bored into the engine with no bearings which can suffer from wear, again if stripping to this degree a refurbished oil pump would certainly be on the list.

Q: Is the refurbished unit like new?
Due to the age of the oil pumps being refurbished, we cannot guarantee a "show" finish and some units may retain slight imperfections. But we can guarantee the oil pump will give you the best chance of success with your tractor.

Q: Do I have to provide a pump in exchange?
A: No, you don't. Exchanging helps us keep prices as low as possible for fellow Ferguson owners. Otherwise we have to source old pumps from elsewhere which can lead to higher prices.

We refurb these units, cover our costs and the profit is tiny. The profit is used to help us create a buffer for if we get a bad exchange or need to buy parts from more expensive suppliers etc (we only use a select few reputable parts suppliers for the rotor such as Agriline and Old20 Parts). This is more of a service to help keep the tractors going and I personally find the process quite therapeutic.
We don't want to be seen as profiteering from other enthusiasts...









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