First dip in the Tractor World

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First dip in the Tractor World

Post by FireLaw »

So, I am involved in the running of a couple of steam shows and pre-lockdown I used to visit other shows. Every time I find a Fergie up as a raffle prize and despite the number of tickets I buy I have never won one.

To be fair I have not had a tractor on my bucket list for a new toy and have not been looking for one until my daughter was discussing steam shows with one of her oppo's who happened to say he had a Fergie that he was thinking of selling.

A few days later it was kindly delivered free of charge and is now living under my car port. I have had a quick rapid learning time period working out how to start it (a bit frustrating) and deciding what I am going to do with it. An old friend from one of the steam shows has offered to assist so its now a case of wait and see

If anyone can shed a light on the starting issue it would be great.

When engaging the switch on the starter the solenoid can be heard kicking in but the starter will not turn over, re engaging the switch for the solenoid n quick succession eventually engages the starter and all is fine. The switch works fine, the solenoid engages every time and there's plenty of life in the battery. The person I bought it off of said the starter works first time every time when off of the tractor but has this issue when its on the tractor.

Any ideas out there??
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Re: First dip in the Tractor World

Post by giraffe_123 »

Welcome to the Ferguson world.

Your tractor is a diesel TEF, which has a pre-engage starter via the gearstick and a safety button on the side of the gearbox.

To start it, press the button in with your heel and move the stick to the start gate. This position is actually quite close to 3rd gear, and often if you push the stick too far over it will feel like it is in the gate but in fact is not.

There is a common issue with this starting system, which is that if the starter gear buts up against the ring gear so does not mesh, the switch is not pressed by the linkage and the solenoid not energised. For this reason the original solenoids had a push button on them to rotate the starter whilst not engaged and then you try again. If not then rocking the tractor by the back wheel whilst 4th gear is engaged usually does the trick.

Reproduction starter motors are notorious for this issue,

Hope this helps you out.

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