Introducing the Ferguson Club Members Area

Introducing the Ferguson Club Members Area

From Journal 105, the Summer 2023 issue of the Ferguson Club Journal, the club launched a password protected Ferguson Club Members Area on the website. The purpose is to add value for subscribed Club Members.

Included in the Members Area are the Club Journals and Technical Notes from the Club’s Technical Team, and other technical articles, and content restricted to club members.  Articles restricted to Club Members are indicated by a 🔑 icon after the article title.

For non-members Journal 100 is available here as a sample of the quality and content of the Club Journals, which are issued four times a year to club members.

An updated Members Area password will be published in each new journal. Once the password has been entered to Login to the Members Area, the password should be remembered by your web browser in a Cookie (see Note: below), until a new password is published in the next issue of the club journal. The previous password will be removed from the website around the middle of the month, when all journal recipients should have received their new journal, including overseas subscribers.

Note on Cookies to remember your password:
Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers remember your password Cookie. Firefox remembers your password, and takes you to the Login page, with the saved password already entered in the Password box at the start of each new browsing session.

If you have any suggestions about what might be other password protected content for club members, please contact us at