Club member Andrew Drinkwater – Tractor Drive

Andrew Drinkwater Fundraised for Macmillan Cancer Support

Andy French and Andrew Drinkwater completed an epic 400 mile 4 day tractor run, on two classic Massey Ferguson Tractors (1966 165 & 1967 135 both multipower)over the May Bank Holiday weekend from Ebrington to Welshpool on the first day, taking part in the organised Montgomeryshire tractor run on the second day, and Cloddiau to Lake Verney across Snowdonia onto Bala on day 3 then finally returning back home on day 4. The trip has been a long time in the thoughts and planning of both Andy’s, and was at the forefront of Andrew Drinkwater’s recovery from major surgery in September ‘23. With this in mind, they both took the opportunity to raise money for Macmillan a charity very close to a lot of our hearts in the local area. Starting with a target of £500, they couldn’t believe it when each day the donations were going up and up, now reaching £5483. Andrew Drinkwater said “Everyone has been so kind, it really is incredible in these times that people will support and donate, it has made a big difference. We have been told by Macmillan it will pay for a nurse for over 130 hours, we are so grateful”. The fundraising was further boosted by Andrew Drinkwater giving a live interview on BBC radio CWR & WM’s Inspirational person slot, something we have all known he is for a long time.

The highlight of the trip was the circular route around Lake Verney and the dam, also the stunning views all across Snowdonia, both agreed that the views are as good as what you see in Austria or anywhere in Europe. Equally the Long Mind was amazing, but the tractor run also proved helpful for one couple who managed to get stuck in a ditch in Snowdonia after pulling over to let some cyclists pass. Luckily Andrew and Andy were on hand to rescue them, towing them out.

When asked why they had chosen this trip, Andrew Drinkwater said “I have taken part in the Montgomeryshire tractor run several times usually taking the tractor there on the back of a lorry. Each time I thought that one day I will drive a tractor from home and this was the year to do it. It coincided with raising money for Macmillan a charity we’ve recently been raising money for at various village events. It’s the least we can do to as a thank you for all the help I’ve received and in recognition of a number of dear friends who are no longer with us. Asking what next? “I am definitely taking some time out to go on holiday with Liz, prior to considering a trip to Scotland for the route 500 tractor run. also we would like to go and see fellow tractor enthusiasts, now good friends in Cork who recently made an epic tractor run themselves over to the UK”.

Andy and Andrew had the most amazing time, and couldn’t have done it without each other. They would like to thank everyone locally, friends and family far a wide for their generous donations. A special thank you to Sarah and Nigel (Andrew Drinkwater’s sister and brother in law) for putting us up and being wonderful hosts, feeding and looking after us. Thank you to all those that donated;