BJ Tractor Issue

 Vintage Tractor restoration experience – warning to all enthusiasts.

A Ferguson Club member has recently had a very bad experience with a vintage tractor restorer. We are posting this letter on the Ferguson Club website to alert all readers of a business which is not performing as advertised.
BJ Tractors of Thistleton, Lancashire is the company in question. Here is a copy of a letter received from the local Police:-
Subject: RE: BJ Tractors (Feb 2018)
Dear Sirs,
I can confirm that during today’s visit to BJ Tractors of Thistleton/Wharles,Lancashire we recovered 3 unrestored tractors that were in worse condition than when they were sent and were subject to formal complaints to Police.
Mr Jenkinson was formally interviewed following the visit in the presence of his solicitor and remains subject of a police investigation.
Enquiries continue into the whereabouts of a 4th customers missing tractor, already subject to a court order.
Mr Jenkinson has been advised to return all customers tractors and restoration fees, and to close the business but that is a matter for him.PC1250 Hardiman
Kirkham Police