Carrington Rally

Carrington Rally…near Boston – Good news!

Three very proud Lincolnshire club members after receiving the cup and a bottle of prosecco for the best judged stand at this years Carrington rally near Boston. This years theme was Orchard and Vineyard tractors, Many thanks to club members that brought their tractors, we had a 1949 TE 20 Reekie Orchard. 1954 TE 20 Vineyard. 1956 TE 20 Vineyard. 1957 FE 35 Vineyard. 1960 MF 35 Vineyard. Also on the stand 1956 TED 20. 1963 MF 35X. 1965 MF 135. 1969 MF 165. 1977 MF 565. Many thanks to Rally vice chairman and tractor steward Malcolm Robinson for giving us a large plot in a prominent position next to the parade ring. John Sharpe.