Ferguson Club Milestone

Ferguson Club Membership Milestone Reached

It is with GREAT JOY I have to tell you all…….

We have 2025 fully paid up members and still growing….

I wish to thank each and everyone of you who’s put in time and effort for the Ferguson Club.

I well remember sitting at a committee meeting and the then membership secretary saying we have 530 members, we’ll not get many more now ! oh yee of little faith.

Please watch out for the next Journal (due out any day now) you will see the first of many changes starting to come through that the General Committee have launched.

I feel very humble being the General Secretary and also very very proud to being part of such a great Club.

Alan Dunderdale General Secretary. December 2016

If your not a member, sorry for taking up your time reading this, though you could join the Best Ferguson Club in the World!