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Wanted ; TED20 Service Engineer Nr. Guildford, Surrey.

There is well loved TED20 sitting in Cranleigh, near Guildford that is in need of a good service.

Please contact Andrew Montgomery if you are able to assist, on e-mail;


Wanted; Whereabouts of Fergie  – RBT 951 – see below….

I came across this photo recently whilst looking through my late parents photo albums. I can remember visiting the farm on the North York Moors in the mid sixties. I know the farmers first name was Brian and his daughter Gillian but that’s all I know, I’m not sure if they were friends or relations.
RBT 951 was first registered in march 1956 to a R Oxtoby of Goodmanham in the east riding of Yorkshire, but that’s all I have been able to find.
It would be nice to put names to faces. My parents were Ann and Gerry Mullin.


Please send an e-mail to;  …..if you can provide any more details to the above.

For Sale ; Ferguson 3 ton trailer  – for restoration

Ferguson trailer original condition, some surface rust Does not tip, has original plate to, needs new floor!! Ideal restoration project!!!  Call or text offers on 07956614717

Wanted ; Genuine Engine Stands & For Sale; Ramps…

Wanted genuine Churchill Tractor Dismantling Stand (FT27),or any parts, need engine stands, for an exhibit.
Also cutaway TE-20 tractor engine – gearbox – backend or any of them.
Contact John Groves 01535 644180 anytime, leave a message.
Reluctant sale MAN 7.5 T beaver tail alloy ramps tested FEB 18. £1000+VAT ovno
John Groves 01535 644180

For Sale ; 2 x Ferguson two furrow ploughs

Both ploughs are complete and painted. One has an adjustable cross shaft.

Please contact ; Mr Timberlake; 01844 292087 (Oxfordshire)

For Sale Restored Ferguson 3 Ton Tipping Trailer 

I bought and restored this trailer to use for my daughters wedding in 2015 (behind my 1964 35x), its the older 12 stud version. We stripped and repaired the chassis and bought many replacement / missing parts from Phil Kolbes Fergie Trailer Shop. Wheels were refurbished and new tires fitted (cost £350), replaced the bearings with new Timkens, even replaced the cracked drawbar. Everything works, tips well even when loaded.  The only thing missing is the hand brake (drums are fine and clean) these parts are available from Phil Kolbe but I didn’t need them behind the 35x. The problem is that its too pretty to use on a day to day basis so I want to replace it with something more practical so I’m looking for a new home. I think it should be £3 – 4K looking at what is available but I’m happy to discuss. If you are interested give me a call, I’m in Essex.
Paul – 07870 258192

Wanted; whereabouts of Family  MF 135’s

67 fergie MF135 reg  LPM 104E
67 fergie MF135 reg  Mpn 698F
73 fergie MF135 reg  NAP 240M…..they were sold by auction in 1973

Please contact ; ; if you can help.

Wanted; Diff Bearing Preload Tool

I’m looking for a diff bearing preload tool, special tool number; MF.245 either D or Y, so I can rebuild the rear diff correctly on my 135 Vineyard Tractor.

Perhaps if no-one has one for sale, then maybe if someone within the club has one, perhaps with the assistance of some detailed drawings and photographs, I could have one made?

If however there is someone who has one and would be willing to travel to me to set my diff up for me, then I’d be very happy to pay!

I live in Cookley, which is just outside Halesworth, in Suffolk, IP19 0LW, and I can be contacted either on, or my mobile; 07776 232745.

I have tried, (in vain so far), to locate one, or even to find anyone that may have used one, (including my local dealers).  There appears to be little reference on the internet.

Perhaps someone has worked out an alternative method of doing this?  If so then I’d be very happy to hear of it.

Many thanks in anticipation, Mark


For Sale : TE20 Solid Rear Rims

TE20 Solid rear Rim 12 X 28 for sale. Offers, Buyer collects. Phone Kenneth on 01780751882:

No reasonable offer refused

For Sale : T20 accessories

belt pulley
adjustable top link
9-hole drawbar and stays
towing bracket bolts under axle…. based in Cornwall……

For Sale : Massey Harris Pony 820D

1958 Massey Harris Pony 820D good runner, although the ‘pepper pot’ blew when going to start it this week, a new one has been ordered from France. Tractor has a 2 cyl. Hanomag diesel engine. It has hardly been used during the last 18 months. It is being sold because I am now having difficulty getting on and off. Included with tractor is a quantity of spares. I also have for sale 2 pairs mtd ploughs, 1 mtd cultivator (currently dismantled) and a mid mtd mower, which I have never fitted to the tractor. Price £2,000 ono (will split).

Located 7 miles south west of Manchester, Nr 10 of M60

Contact:  Anna Booth 0161 747 0238 / 07768 980825

For Sale : Ferguson TEF20 – Diesel tractor

Ferguson TEF for sale. Great working tractor with roll bar and ready for a days work.

Price: £2500.

Contact James Gregory on 07786 260 573. Derby.

For Sale :  Ferguson finger-bar mower

For Sale :  Ferguson finger-bar mower – Everything in working order except the PTO shaft which needs a little straightening.
Set of new spare blades included.
Please make an offer if you’d like it.
I live just east of Southampton.
Kevan  –;  01489 784681

For Sale ; TED20  – Petrol / TVO

T20 Petrol/TVO for sale. I bought it last year, it is in very good condition and runs like a dream. I am looking for £1700.00 ovno . Tractor is in Swansea


Wanted ; Ferguson TE20 Continental

WANTED TE20 Continental 1946 07771571339

For Sale ; Metal Circular saw Bench, belt driven for a Ferguson Tractor

Metal Circular saw Bench, belt driven for a Ferguson Tractor etc, with 4″ belt and Tractor
belt attachment. Heavy duty, blade spins freely.
We are asking for £250 ono for the bench, pulley and belt.

Please contact  Jayne Paul on 01371 870 000 or

We are in Essex Great Dunmow near Stansted Airport


Wanted. Ferguson TE20 or similar….

… carry out duties on my small holding. Looking for something that will be pretty reliable as not hugely mechanically minded. I’d appreciate a little guidance if possible. Banbury area. 07810 440011

Wanted  – Air cleaner for a MF 35 four cylinder (23c engine)

Wanted air cleaner for a Massey Ferguson 35 four cylinder (23c engine) with inlet that goes to back of dash board. It is the top bit I am looking for but a complete unit would be okay. Call Peter Hall 07874 696213 or email

Wanted – TEA20 Cylinder Head

I have a c1956 Ferguson T20 petrol (only) tractor whose head cylinder has just developed a crack. I am, therefore, looking for a replacement cylinder head.

I appreciate that there are number of variants, so I attach three photos.

Many thanks in advance,  Peter Pearson

For Sale – Ferguson Stitchers

They are £150 ONO. Original condition been stored inside until last week and I can’t find any faults with them. They don’t look as though they’ve done much work. Please contact:-
Robert Jackson  ;

FirBank, Cliburn
Penrith Cumbria
Or phone; 07788785871

Wanted – TVO engine

I’m after a complete ,sound running engine for a ted20 petrol/Tvo ,located in Somerset

call Rhys on 07712281336

Wanted  – Ferguson High Clearance rear wing brackets

The brackets that fit between the rear axle and the wing on a high clearance Ferguson TE20. I have attached a few photos which will help identify what I am after. There are two types….the pictures show both:- Please contact me either by e-mail or mobile 07813213014 or home no 01386 593 236 thank you kind regards Peter Drinkwater ;

For Sale ; Hydraulic Diverter Valve

To suit MF 35,135,65 and 165 and comes complete with flow and return pipe fittings.
£65 plus £15 postage or collection /delivery by arrangement. Ripon, North Yorkshire
Contact : or phone 07957 125738


For sale ; TE20 Continental petrol grey fergie

Originally registered in Shropshire then worked for a period of time just over the border in Wales, for the past 10years it has been laid up in a barn and all fluids were drained, I brought it with the intention of restoring it but with all the other projects that I have it’ll be a while to I get around to it. When I got it home I replaced all the fluids put a battery on and she fired up and ran smoothly! , it is an original 6v. It will also come with the starting handle!
No documents with this but not to hard to get as the number plate is clearly painted on the side, front tyres are good and the rears look good but are cracking on the inside, as you can see she is pretty solid, I’m keeping her covered up as have no space under cover, I am located in a small place called Nantyr just above Glyn Ceiriog
My contact number is 01691718075 or 0783796279

image1 image2

Wanted – Information on Haysweep fitted to Ferguson Tractors

I am after information on the Ferguson Haysweep fitting details. I do have a Hosier Haysweep which was built to fit the Ferguson TE20 but have no fittings instructions or brackets. Any help with how the implement was fitted will be appreciated.

If any one could give me any information please contact Peter Drinkwater by e-mail or mobile 07813213014 or home no 01386 593 236.

Thank you;  Peter Drinkwater


Dealer / Distributor Plate

I have a 1968 Massey Ferguson 135 that was originally bought new from Morris Isaac Ferguson distributors in Llandovery. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has a dealer plate from Morris Isaac, if only to make a copy/ replica. Better still if there was a plate looking for a good home.
It doesnt matter how good or how battered the plate is I will still be interested to hear from you.
Many thanks
Nick James

Wanted- Parts for a Ferguson Mid Mounted Fertilizer Distributor.

Wanted Parts for a Ferguson Mid Mounted Fertilizer Distributor. The type that is fitted over the rear transmision behind the driver. I am looking for 1) The Drive Cog that is fitted to the outside hub of the rear wheel . 2) The drive chain 3) The hopper bracket Plate that is fitted under the drivers seat. If anyone has a scrapped / unwanted unit I would be Interested in buying it. Many Thanks; Please contact:-

Bernard Lax
Mobile: 0781 4554 996

For Sale   : Fordson Major 1959

Fordson Major (1959 approximately) in good working condition. £1700 ono.

4A0A0084A0764DC29B770D730CDFBE0F 068031D77D904BAB8DBA8B9F6E6F4162

Contact Norman on 07743758274. or e-mail

For Sale TEA 20 -Petrol/Parrafin-1948

Was 6v, has been converted to 12v

£1800 ono


Ferguson 3 Ton High Sided Tipping Trailer

Very Good Condition

£800 ono……..Phone 07932372801    for either item…

For Sale ; International B23 finger mower & Acrobat Hay Turner

Spares or repair. 2 cutter bars. Bars and guides need attention otherwise in working order. £50

Acrobat hay rake/turner 4 wheel hay rake. Only 3 broken tines. Greased and in working order. £75.

Please call: Jeremy 01600 750465 or 07807 805545 Herefordshire


Wanted  – Information on Mid Mounted Mower

Ferguson TED20 with underslung finger mower.

I am asking if anyone can identify this mower please. I have recently purchase a 1950 TED20 Grey Fergie which includes an underslung finger mower, which was fitted to the tractor from new.

I have looked in the book “Ferguson TE20 in detail” written by Michael Thorne and published by Herridge and Sons, but saw no mention of it. I cannot see a name plate or any name cast into the mower frame, but there is a strong indication that this mower was a Ferguson mower as there is on the right hand side of the gearbox an additional long lever fitted into the inspection cover just in front of the axle to put the mower in and out of gear, right opposite the left hand side cover which holds the standard lever. To raise the mower body, there is a chain attached to the right hand side of the mower frame which runs over a pulley then is attached to the top of the right hand lift arm.

The main drive goes under the tractor from the right hand side then a cylinder with the drive shaft runs along and under the rear wheel on the left to the PTO. On the top of the mower frame on the right hand side is a tall lever which would be used to set the pitch of the finger mower.

I would like to know more about this mower out of interest but also to know how to service, dismantle and take the mower off the tractor. Below are some photos showing the main features

Mower1 Mower2 Mower3 Mower4

Please contact :-

David Townsend

Tel No. 01886 821762 or e-mail

Ferguson Club Merchandise

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1 Ferguson Club Pen – Ball Point £1.00
2 Ferguson Price List Leaflet £1.00
3 New Prosperity Leaflet £1.00
4 Ferguson Club Doodle Flags £1.65
5 Ferguson Club Puzzles £1.75
6 Cards. Seasons Greetings (5) £2.00
7 Cards-Fergusons – pack of 5 £2.00
8 Cards-single-various pictures (RD) £2.00
9 Ceramic Coasters £2.00
10 Ceramic Coasters FE-35 £2.00
11 Ceramic Coasters Ferguson Club Logo £2.00
12 Ceramic Coasters MF-135 £2.00
13 Ceramic Coasters MF-165 £2.00
14 Ceramic Coasters MF-35 £2.00
15 Ceramic Coasters MF-590 £2.00
16 Ceramic Coasters TE-20 £2.00
17 Ceramic Fridge Magnets £2.00
18 Ceramic Fridge Magnets FE-35 £2.00
19 Ceramic Fridge Magnets Ferguson Club Logo £2.00
20 Ceramic Fridge Magnets MF-135 £2.00
21 Ceramic Fridge Magnets MF-165 £2.00
22 Ceramic Fridge Magnets MF-35 £2.00
23 Ceramic Fridge Magnets MF-590 £2.00
24 Ceramic Fridge Magnets TE-20 £2.00
25 SP Greeting Card (24) MF135 with Cab £2.00
26 SP Greeting Card (25) MF 6000 outside barn £2.00
27 SP Greeting Card (26) MF135 in field £2.00
28 SP Greeting Card ( 01) T20 with plough £2.00
29 SP Greeting Card ( 03) T20 in field with beef cattle £2.00
30 SP Greeting Card (04) FE35 grey and gold £2.00
31 SP Greeting Card (05) T20 ploughing £2.00
32 SP Greeting Card (06) MF35 outside farm cottage £2.00
33 SP Greeting Card (08) T20 with Ferguson cart £2.00
34 SP Greeting Card (113) T20 with link box £2.00
35 SP Greeting Card (115) T20 Harvest time £2.00
36 SP Greeting Card (176) T20 parked in old barn £2.00
37 SP Greeting Card (23) MF6499 with MF35 £2.00
38 SP Greeting Card (261) MF35 & T20 with plough £2.00
39 Transfer for Air Filter & Fuel Tank £2.50
40 Ferguson Club Keyring £3.00
41 Frisbees £2.75
42 Ferguson Club Tote Bags £2.95
43 Place Mats Ferguson Ploughing £3.25
44 Place Mats Ferguson TE20 by Barn £3.25
45 Place Mats Massey Ferguson 135 £3.25
46 Place Mats Massey Ferguson 135 Outside Dunster Barn £3.25
47 Place Mats Massey Ferguson 35 £3.25
48 Place Mats Massey Ferguson 6000 series in field £3.25
49 China Ferguson FE35 Grey Gold China Mug £3.50
50 China Ferguson TE20 by Barn China Mug £3.50
51 China Massey Ferguson 135 China Mug £3.50
52 China Massey Ferguson 165 China Mug £3.50
53 China Massey Ferguson 35 China Mug £3.50
54 China Massey Ferguson 590 China Mug £3.50
55 Ferguson Club Badge-woven £3.50
56 Ferguson Pin Badges-club Gold/Blue ( 1) £3.50
57 Ferguson Pin Badges-club Gold/Grey ( 2) £3.50
58 Ferguson Pin Badges-club Silver/Blue ( 3) £3.50
59 Ferguson Pin Badges-club Silver/Grey ( 4) £3.50
60 Ferguson System Badges-woven £3.50
61 Ferguson Club Handbook £5.00
62 Ferguson Club Photo Album £5.10
63 Clothes Caps Blue Peak £7.50
64 Clothes Caps Dark Blue Peak £7.50
65 Clothes Caps Dark Grey Peak £7.50
66 Clothes Ski Hats Royal Blue £7.50
67 Clothes Aprons £8.95
68 Clothes Ferguson Club Tie £9.50
69 Old 20 Repair Manual 3 & 4 Cylinder MF £11.00
70 Old 20 Repair Manual T-20 All Models £11.00
71 Old 20 Vintage Tractor Ploughing made easy £11.00
72 Ferguson T-20 Bonnett Rubbers (New) £11.50
73 Hollyhock Farm. Hardback Book £12.95
74 Harry Ferguson. Before the Plough £12.99
75 Clothes Medium Polo Shirts Blue £14.50
76 Clothes Small Polo Shirts Grey £14.50
77 Clothes Small Polo Shirts Royal Blue £14.50
78 Battery cover insert £15.00
79 Large Tractor Print £15.00
80 DVD Ferguson on the Farm Part 3 £15.95
81 DVD Massey Ferguson Tractor 1956-1976 £15.95
82 Clothes Medium Sweatshirts Grey £16.00
83 Clothes Small Sweatshirts Grey £16.00
84 Clothes XL Sweatshirts Grey £16.00
85 Clothes Large Body Warmer £21.95
86 Clothes XXL Body Warmer £21.95
87 Clothes XXL Fleeces £24.95
88 Ferguson TE20 & MF35/ MF65 in Detail [Mike Thorne] £35.00
89 Battery Covers Single £65.00
90 Canvas Tractor Sheets £130.00
Polo Shirt Sweat Shirt Fleece
p1030090 p1030099 p1030089
Club Peak Caps Club Tie Ferguson Club Ski Hat
Prod-Baseball-Hat Prod-Club-Tie Prod-Ski-Hat
Club Journal Binders Period Lucas Battery Covers
p1030073 p1030075